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360 Code Lab: Spryker Solution Partner

Learn about all the features of Spryker Cloud Commerce OS

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Who we are

In short – your reliable partner for tailored software solutions. As part of the myWorld 360 AG  we implement projects dynamically to master the most complex technological challenges.

Committed tech enthusiasts and lateral thinkers work together, break conventional working patterns and find creative solutions. When it comes to tailoring for your needs, unlimited possibilities await you.

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Spryker Cloud Commerce OS Birds eye view

Spryker’s “Beyond shop, beyond desktop” operating system provides solutions for a multitude of common and unique commerce obstacles. We know how fast things in the commerce industry change, so we’ve developed a flexible operating system that is designed to help you reach your customers anytime, anywhere.

  • Includes all possible features and functionalities of B2B or B2C commerce businesses
  • generates a technological and innovative advantage for your customers
  • optimizes TCO, TTM & ROI
  • is built headless & API-first and helps you integrate any kind of customer touchpoint
DesktopIoTAppsVoiceBotShop POSand more
Glue API
Commerce OS
SearchShipmentHostingMailingPaymentTrackingand more
PIMERPand more

Native Modularity in Spryker

Spryker Cloud Commerce OS is using a modular architecture to help businesses stay flexible and grow using our 950+ modules.

Return on Investment

  • fast market entry
  • easy scalability of the business

Total Cost of Ownership

  • lean system means lower cost
  • all necessary B2B features out of the box

Time to Market

  • fast go live mvp
  • stay ahead of the competition
Promotions & Discounts
Search & Filter
Cross-sell & Upsell
Catalog Management
Workflow & Process
Company Account

Unique Selling Points of Spryker Cloud Commerce OS

Faster launch with MVP approach

Build a minimum viable product and start under 100 days. In next steps concentrate on testing new features and sales channels to increase your sales.​


Create multiple stores to target different markets or launch one adaptive store which services several regions. Easily localize pricing, project domains and content.


Our decoupled modules give you the flexibility to update, change, or add new modules only when it’s appropriate for your individual business needs. Freedom of updating features based on your business needs.

State Machine (OMS)

A tailormade Order Management System created to perform a predetermined sequence of actions, like marking the order successful after the order is shipped.

Separation of front-end and back-end

Optimize build time as developers are able to work independently of each other so no one bug, break, or update will affect the entire system.

Code Quality

Our high-quality, easy-to-read code is designed to ensure your shops build is easy and painless to maximize for local and international shop(s) evolution.

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“Major player in B2B
“Most visionary and innovative of new participants”
“API-led, headless and highly engaged with partners”