We speak in code.

Finding, developing and implementing a new software solution might feel like a journey to space: exciting, challenging, complex, uncertain, maybe even scary.

The base for a successful journey is a solid spaceship. Our approach provides exactly that.

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About us

As a full-service provider, we cater to the needs of various businesses in terms of IT development. Our scope of service and support is truly unique, as we offer tailored solutions ranging from project evaluation, to talent scouting, through platform development and ongoing frontend support.

Our advanced knowledge of state-of- the-art technologies, combined with our innovative approaches, provides you with an ideal setup to realise even the most complex development project.

The most inspiring environment

We firmly believe, that everyone is able to perform their best, when they are feeling their best. Our office space differs strongly from usual Tech-Dev hub: an open floor plan and flexible desk policy enhance our out of the box approaches.

Project workflow

We are taking care of your product from the very start


In a kickoff meeting we define the needs and scope of the project together.

Setup & Concept

Our solution architect sets up the entire project concept and technologies.

Design Phase

Aligning to your guidelines, we prepare a unique project based on the latest trends and popular devices.

Project Manager

Project Manager takes over and steer the progress. As we offer all related services in-house we guarantee a positive project outcome.


Throughout the whole project, we will keep a constant, transparent communication flow with you.

Solved, that's it!

You will reveive a tailor-made, fully implemented solution, which solves your initial needs in a most suitable, efficient way.